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  • David is a qualified masseur, with over 30 years experience, providing a variety of treatments
  • If you have questions about massage, please take a look at my seperate massage website
  • Naturist massage is available for guests and non-guests between 10am and 4pm - no need to be staying over
    • Some weekend and evening appointments may be available with plenty of notice
  • Booking in advance is essential...please note only the treatment room is naturist between 10am and 4pm
    • Relaxation Massage combining Finnish Sports, Shiatsu and 'hands-free' approaches I am able to provide a deeply relaxing whole body treatment lasting about 1 hour and 40 minutes 60
    • Advanced Clinical Massage for pre- and post-operation to improve recovery time; for relief from low-back pain, shoulder girdle problems, neck and shoulder pain, etc., and for stress and strain, etc. 40
  • Other body treatments (please note: there is a minimum charge of 40 unless combined with another treatment)
    • Exfoliating Body Scrub to remove dead skin leaving you feeling ultra smooth 20 to 40
    • Body shaving for the smooth look from 20 to 50
  • Treatments can be combined
    • Body scrub and full-body massage 80
    • Part-body shave and full-body massage 80
    • Part-body shave, body scrub and full-body massage 100
    • Full-body shave and full-body massage 110
    • Full-body shave, body scrub and full-body massage 130

  • Ring David on +44(0)7754 553320 to book a session
07754 553320 (no blocked numbers please)

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